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Annie Bushell
Will and Annie have been involved and training with Kettlebells for the past 7 years. They are both Personal Trainer Qualified and have attended various ketttlebell courses with some of the best in the business. During this time they have seen the effects kettlebells have had on their own fitness as well as the positive effects of changing their body shape.

We have a passion for kettlebells because we have seen them work for us as well as our members.

The simplicity of the kettlebell as a fitness tool combined with the varied dynamic movements makes it one of the best pieces of fitness equipment out there.

Will is a full time firefighter with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and has seen amazing results from training members of his watch with kettlebells. The high intensity, short duration circuit style workouts suit the busier trainee especially those with families and/or heavy work schedules.

Will Dollar
Annie also works with Special population groups and is a personal trainer and has seen fantastic results from using kettlebells with her clients.

During our time using kettlebells we have learned and become involved in Kettlebell sport (see Girevoy Sport page on this site) We have learned more about the intricacies of the specific movements used in Kettlebell Sport and in turn have used this to develop our own fitness and our members. At KBC we believe that everyone needs goals in their fitness to keep them motivated and also have something measurable to see improvement. Kettlebell sport is an excellent platform to see and develop this as well as improve kettlebell technique. Gradings are completely voluntary but we encourage all members to work towards a new grade so they can see for themselves the progress they have made.

Annie achieved the most repetitions in her categories competing with a 12kg and 16 kg kettlebell winning  2 Gold Medals in The English and Irish open.

Will has won a Silver and three Gold medals in the four competitions he has entered. He has also won the achievement of Absolute winner in three of the competions.

KBC has had various successes with other team members at competition and we are always looking for new members for the competition team! Look at videos page to see us competing

Like any other fitness tool, there is no magic quick fix but we believe that by using kettlebells in the correct way with the right amount of intensity and regularity you will see great results.
Left to Right - Alexandra Vasileva, Will Dollar, Denis Vasilev, Alexander Khvostov

Mike Mahler & Will Dollar

Sergey Rudnev, Will Dollar, Alexander Khvostov

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