KBC Benchmark Workouts

We are working on a number of Benchmark Workouts to help our members chart their progress. The workouts have a prescribed Kettlebell weight. This weight must be used to allow entry onto the official KBC records board, however, for training purposes the weight should be scaled down to allow for correct technique.

Below is the first KBC Benchmark Workouts. More to follow.

'The Chameleon'

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes using 20kg for men and 8kg for women:

3 x Chest Press
1 x Get-up
3 x One Arm Swings
3 x Clean and Press
1 x Get-down
Left and right hand equals 1 round.

The Press can be either Strict or Side Press. Push Press' or Jerks are not acceptable.

Workout demo video - Click here

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'The Lemur'

3 Rounds for time of:

50 x Lateral Hops over Kettlebell
100 metre Bear Crawl
50 x 24kg/10kg Snatches (25L 25R)

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