Sunday, 28 October 2012

Thursday 25/10/12

Bit of an epic ladder session this evening. One of those times that everyone really put in 100% and a bit more. I have a feeling there will be some sore bodies tomorrow though :-)

Monday, 22 October 2012

Monday 22/10/12

Mixing it up tonight with some power work for the legs followed by sprint jerk sets.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday 20/10/12

Repeat of one from a few weeks ago but seeing as it was only Charlotte and Me that had the pleasure of it I decided to share it with others!

Friday, 19 October 2012

Monday, 15 October 2012

Monday 15/10/12

Firstly congratulations and a quick presentation to Toby for his grading success.

Followed by a Ladder session with a single Kettlebell. The aim was to complete the complex with with each weight working up the ladder. If you can't go any heavier then start working back down the weights.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Saturday 13/10/12

Return of a classic this morning. 14 two minute rounds with a bonus 3 minutes of snatches at the end.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Thursday 12/10/12

Assault course tonight involving an obstacle across the rings to avoid the shark infested custard. As many laps as possible in 20 minutes.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday 8/10/12

Started tonight with some presentations of Tshirts for Dave, Charlotte and Wayne. well done again to the three of you.

The Session tonight was aimed at taxing the grip and a chance to experiment with efficiency of the swing and snatch to preserve grip strength. Two minutes at the end of each round doing alternating superman to strengthen the core muscles.

We finished off with some playing about with bottoms up clean and press and bottoms up windmills.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Saturday 6/10/12

More of a strength based session this morning with double Kettlebells.

7/7 x Seasaw seated shoulder press - 3 sets of ideally ascending weights

7/7 x Alternating bent over row starting with bells in top position - 3 sets of ideally ascending weights

7/7 x seasaw rolling chest press in bridge position - 3 sets of ideally Ascending weights

To finish off we did some swing/ Snatch technique work.

Also worth mentioning that Charlotte did her Biathlon training on her own and has been working through her programme with Annie for the last few weeks. It's not easy doing it on your own but shows her mental Strength which will ultimately get her far. Well done Charlotte.

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Thursday 4/10/12

Bit of a monster one tonight but nice to get in some Kettlebell endurance work. Well done everyone.

3/10/12 Grading Success

KBC has had another grading session and there has been some great achievements. Toby, Neil, Dave, Wayne, Charlotte and Ange all took part and here are the results -

Dave -16kg kettlebells
Swings- 6minutes
LongCycle - 67 Repetitions
Snatch - 121 Repetitions
Rank 1 Pass

A great result from Dave, especially as he has been off for a while with his hernia op. With a few more tweaks of his technique and some work on his flexibility he will be capable of much more in the future.

Wayne - 16kg Kettlebells
Swings - 6 Minutes
LongCycle- 56 Repetitions
Snatch - 106 Repetitions
Rank 1 Pass

Wayne showed great improvement of his technique and this transferred to his results. With a bit more work on his Jerk Wayne will achieve much more in the future.

Neil - 16kg Kettlebells
Swings - 6 Minutes
LongCycle - 39 Repetitions

Neil started strong, easily achieving his swings. Some difficulty with the rack position meant Neil was straining his back and wasn't getting enough rest for his shoulders. It's early days for Neil and with some changes in his technique and more practice he will easily do it next time.

Toby -16kg Kettlebells
Swings - 6 minutes
Long Cycle - 74 repetitions
Snatch - 121 Repetitions
Rank 1 Pass

Some great numbers from Toby and a credit to the hard work he has put in to achieve this result. With an improvement of all aspects of his technique it shows that putting the time and work in is the real secret to success.

Charlotte- 6kg kettlebells
Swings - 6 Minutes
LongCycle - 113 Repetitions
Snatch - 100 Repetitions
Rank 1 Pass

Charlotte has shown massive improvement in her Technique fitness and to top it off weight loss! With a competition under her belt and another on the horizon Charlotte has shown her commitment to the classes and her hard work and determination will give her the opportunity to achieve so much more in the gradings and Kettlebell sport.

Ange - 8kg Kettlebells
Swings - 6 Minutes
LongCycle - 48 Repetitions
Snatch -150 Repetitions

Ange showed real determination and strength of character in her grading, however, it wasn't quite enough to achieve a rank. With some more work on her technique and more regular attendance at classes I'm sure she will manage it next time.

Overall a really successful grading and some real promise showing from other members of KBC. It is worth remembering that this is not an easy sport and the Gradings will very quickly become difficult to pass if hard work isn't put in before hand. It takes strength of mind as well as body to achieve the results and this begins by making it to as many classes as you can and putting in the foundation work. It is not an easy road but one that is hugely satisfying when you reach the end and achieve your goal. Keep lifting everyone. Will and Annie

Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday 1/10/12

Short circuit to get the lungs going tonight, followed by some strength work with some two hands anyhow variations. Nice work everyone.