Friday, 29 October 2010

Thursday 21/10/10

Welcome to Richard tonight for his first session!

Working on Cleans this week.
10x cleans L&R then,
10x cleans L&R against wall to improve technique then,
10x cleans L&R facing wall again for technique then,
2mins cleans Right hand, 2mins Left hand (resting in rack position if needed).

Going through Press technique next
1-5 Clean and Strict Press L&R
5-1 Clean and Push Press L&R

Some short work on jerk technique then,

50x bumps with double kettlebells to help enforce first part of jerk movement.

Well done to everyone tonight. Already some good technique coming through especially with the jerk movement

Friday, 22 October 2010

Thursday 14/10/2010

Quite a few new people tonight so lots of swing technique and work including grip options when hands fatigue.

Ascending then descending ladder of two handed swings x10 reps of 6kg,8kg,12kg,16kg,20kg,24kg,32kg
Stopping at weight when form deteriorates

As above with one handed swings x10 per hand

lastly as above with hand to hand swings x10 alternating hands each rep.

Great work from everyone and also some people really surprised themselves with how heavy they could go!!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Thursday 07/10/10

Welcome tonight to Sarah, David and Rachel

Warm up and technique work with swings and cleans then-

In pairs -

15x two handed swings
1-10 Clean and Press Left and right hand

First person does swings and 1 Clean and Press L&R whilst second person runs.
Change over and number 2 does KB work whilst Number 1 Runs.
Continue, increasing Clean and Press by one each round.
Workout complete when pair has completed 10 sets of 15x swings and 1-10 clean and press each.

Times -

Sarah 4/David 8 - 24.34

Rachel 6/Vicky 12/8 - 26.34

KJ 6/John 16 - 36.22

(number after name relates to weight of KB)

Great work everyone, Gradings start next week!!!

Friday, 1 October 2010

Thursday 30/09/10

It’s back, Death by Swings!


With a running clock, do 2 swings on the first minute, 4 swings on the second minute, 6 swings on the third minute, etc. every minute for 20 minutes. Once you have failed to complete a minute, rest for the next 60 seconds and try again.


Finished off with a bit of the following:

1 minute of Windmills - Right
1 minute of Windmills - Left
1 minute of Plank on an up-side-down KB
1 minute Hook Grip Standing Twist
1 minute of Plank on an up-side-down KB