Monday, 2 July 2012

New price structure!

Please see new pricing structure below. We have slightly increased the cost of sessions as since KBC started over 2 years ago we have never increased the price. We also have rising hall rental costs so we hope the new structure is affordable especially in these difficult financial times.

You will see that the more you book in advance the better the value for money. Booking sessions in advance will also encourage you to come more often if you have already paid for the session. This will help us to keep KBC running and also more sessions will mean you get fitter! Here it is-

Pay as you go £6

Once a week for 4 weeks £22 (£2 saving, you can choose Monday, Thursday or Saturday session)

Twice a week for 4 weeks £44 (£4 saving, Choose which days you want to attend ie Monday/Thursday, Thursday/Saturday etc...)

Three times a week for 4 weeks £60 (£12 saving) 1 session can be carried over if you have a prior engagement.

Unlimited for a calendar month £65 (£13 saving, 2 sessions can be carried over if you have prior arrangements) In most months it works out to be 13 sessions per calendar month. This payment method must be paid at the start of each month.

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